Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Western Buddism

I was in the process of writing the script for my Global Warming chapter when I inadvertently found myself in the middle of what I thought was a ludicrous argument.  I tried to listen rationally and understand where this lady was coming from... and the result was a real feeling of frustration as not only was my 'question' not answered, but I think she only served to illustrate the point she was arguing against. Instead of debating the point I tried to channel my thoughts into this script instead, and ask the youtube public what they thought...

This is a photo of my buddha tatt which is 'apparently' sacrilegious..  even though I dont claim to be buddhist and it in fact has an entirely different meaning to me altogether..

Found this 'buddist atheist' author which I thought was interesting..

The Real Question Time

So Ive started a new project.  Fed up with one eyed, corrupt, bollocks media & politics Ive decided I want to try and engage the people (ie the 99%) and see what people really think about the real issues that effect us all.

I hope to address each of the topics discussed in the above intro, and many more... hoping the viewers will participate, provide feedback & suggestions.. after all the goal here is to learn.. not to force my opinion on everyone and to try remain neutral no matter what my personal opinions may be.